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Where is Carolina Therapeutic Ranch?

When are you open?

Is there a minimum and maximum age for hippotherapy?

Is there a weight limit?

How long is each session?

What is hippotherapy?

What’s the difference between hippotherapy and therapeutic riding?

Who can participate in hippotherapy?

How much does hippotherapy cost?

What happens during a typical hippotherapy session?

How long will my child participate in hippotherapy?

Can I watch my child during their therapy session?

My child seems scared, what do I do?

Who is with my child during their therapy session?

What should my child wear to the Ranch?

Do you provide helmets?

What kind of saddles do you use?

Can I cancel my session?

What if the weather is bad?

Can my child take riding lessons at the Ranch?

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A young boy on horseback is assisted by two therapists during a hippotherapy session at Carolina Therapeutic Ranch in Rock Hill, SC
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